Volunteer with the WSO

The Wisconsin Senior Olympics currently has over 100 people who volunteer in some capacity for the organization.

Event Coordinators – Generally run the sports event from start to finish. They are responsible for setting the date, making the facility arrangements, communicating with athletes regarding questions, running the event, awarding medals and submitting results to the Registration Coordinator. In addition, they promote their sport to help grow the games and provide suggestions and feedback to the WSO on improvements for the next year. 

Ambassadors – These volunteers connect with people, businesses and organizations in the community to help spread the word about the WSO. They arrange speaking engagements and conduct public presentations with assistance from the WSO team. 

Committee Members – Some volunteers choose to serve on one of the WSO Committees and participate in planning, supporting and working to achieve committee tasks and goals. Our committees include Games, Marketing, Special Events, Finance and Budget, Awards and Recognition.

Event Volunteers – At each of the WSO Games, volunteers check athletes in, presenting them with their t-shirt, sponsor bag and other items. In addition, they may assist with games (scoring, monitoring roads, timing, etc.) as requested by Event Coordinators. Lastly, they may help with awarding of medals and photo taking.

Booklet/Flyer Distributors – each year, in June, the WSO needs volunteers to deliver booklets, flyers and pocket schedules to a variety of locations around the state. In some instances, these volunteers pick up their materials and in other, materials are shipped to them.

Other Volunteer Opportunities – From the State Fair Corn Roast to Senior Fest at the Milwaukee County Zoo, the WSO often needs assistance to fill the positions. Volunteers are recruited for these events from the volunteer pool and the WSO E-Newsletter.

Are you interested in any of these? Please email Yvonne at yvonne@wiseniorolympics.com to learn more!