Want to Help Impact Senior Wellness Around the State?

Consider having your company or organization sponsor the 2019 Wisconsin Senior Olympics.

Currently, the Wisconsin Senior Olympics’ activities center around offering annual games which are held in the last weeks of August and first weeks of September. Seniors (those individuals 50 and better) compete in a great variety of events. Twenty-two sporting events are offered with over eighty separate competitions provided within these events.

Games average around 800-1,200 athletes per year (with 1000 expected for 2019). Participant skill levels vary considerably with some events being great starting points like Horseshoes, Shuffleboard or Lawn Bowling to more competitive events such as Cycling and 3:3 Basketball. Additionally some of our events offer different skill levels to compete, for instance, Swimming – Novice or Master level. Pickleball is our most popular event currently and is growing more each year.

Our participants compete for Gold, Silver or Bronze medals (awarded in five year age groups and by gender) as well as the personal satisfaction of taking part in the games. While we have athletes from the ages of 50 all the way into mid 90s, 65% of our participants are under 70 years old. Many have competed for years and many participate in more than one sport.

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For more information on Sponsorships, please contact us at 414-755-1025 or email: yvonne@wiseniorolympics.com.