Sports - Pickleball



Friday - Singles  Saturday - Doubles  Sunday - Mixed Doubles


16 courts—switch sides mid-game                           

Time:  7:00 A.M. Check-in  /  8:30 A.M. Competition Start


Kirk Lingner       (815) 354-8961

Harvey Pollack  (414) 259-7147

Format: All Age Divisions (40 years and older) for Men and Women; round robin; USAPA rules apply.

Photo ID with age required.

Event may be limited to Saturday and Sunday only due to registration numbers.

Full informational tournament brochure available by email—contact Kirk Lingner.

Tournament schedule to be emailed by Aug 9th.

Facility Fee, per participant: $15 user fee for first event; $9 for each additional event (Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles)

Locker rooms and showers are not available.

Registrations for doubles events must have a partner specified at registration.

Registration closes TBA.  No late registrations accepted.

Unfortunately, we are unable to issue refunds for any reason.

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU INTEND TO PLAY DOUBLES, YOU MUST REGISTER FOR DOUBLES AHEAD OF TIME WITH A DESIGNATED PARTNER.  If you are registering online, make sure you have the correct spelling of your partner's name, and their correct email address.This online system will NOT be taking names of people who need a partner.  

When inviting a partner, first search for their name and email.  If not found, click "invite partner" and then click "Invite" one more time.