Milwaukee County Fitness Options

Often we hear people are looking for places to get started with fitness. 

Milwaukee Recreation Department - A whole schedule of activites around the area. Also - don't forget often high schools offer their facilities (swimming) open to the public over the summer.

YMCA - Milwaukee - Full range of athletic and fitness services.


Opportunities to Practice

These dates and times subject to change. Please check with the venue to ensure availability. If you know of a needed correction, email Yvonne at


Shuffleboard - Seniors

  Every Tuesday at 12:00 pm at Washington Park Senior Center, 4420 W. Vliet St. Milwaukee

  There is no charge, but participants must register at the center.


Basketball Seniors

Every Wednesday at 1:00 pm at Brinton Community Center, 2555 S. Bay St. Milwaukee

No charge, Pickup Basketball, half-court or full court depending on number of players.

A good group of 50+ seniors, no fast break, no arguing, everyone gets to play.



Summer only – Outdoors – Seniors – 3 Db’l Pits, open anytime. Horseshoes available in the Center.

Washington Park Senior Center, 4420 W. Vliet St. Milwaukee.  There is no charge, but participants must register at the center. Horseshoe Club, Thursday mornings, 9:00 am, minimum dues.


Table Tennis  (Ping Pong) – Seniors

  • Every Monday & Friday at 1:00 pm (often starts at Noon).at Washington Park Senior Center, 4420 W. Vliet St. Milwaukee. 3 tables. There is no charge, but participants must register at the center. Paddles & balls available, 3 tables.


  • Milwaukee Table Tennis Club: $7.00 fee per session. Open to the public on selected weekdays from 6:30 to 9:30PM at the Shorewood Intermediate School (3830 N. Morris Blvd., Shorewood, WI). 15 tables. Also, open on selected weekends, in West Allis at the Irving Elementary School at 10230 W. Grant St., West Allis, WI. Schools are closed on some dates. Schedule on the website:



There are two Milwaukee County Indoor Pools - $4.00 Charge.  Call for Schedules:

Noyes Pool, 8235 W. Good Hope Road. (414) 353-2433 • 24-hour Hotline (414) 257-8098 • 

Pulaski Pool, 2701 S. 16 St. (414) 645-2328 • 24-hour Hotline (414) 257-8098 •

In Summer there are various public outdoor pools.


Volleyball Co-Ed

Brinton Community Center,2555 S. Bay St. Milwaukee,  Pick-up teams,  all ages, Co-Ed, 10am to about 12:30 pm, $2.00/day charge, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Center Court, Aviation Drive and 815 Northview Road, Waukesha, $2.00/day charge.  Fridays 10am to Noon. Pickup, Seniors only.



West Allis Nathan Hale High School, 11601 West Lincoln Avenue, West Allis, WI 53227; Monday, 7:30-10:00pm Fee $3.00.

Elmbrook Church, 777 S Barker Rd, Brookfield, WI 53045; Thursday, 7:30-10.00pm., $3.00 fee Open Badminton.


Lawn Bowling

Lake Park. This is a club. They have lessons, practice and Tournaments. Summer only.  Lessons; Website for details: In Milwaukee Lake Park, 3131 East Newberry Blvd. Video on website. 

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