Sports - Bowling


AUGUST 10, 11, & 12

Classic Lanes Greenfield

5404 W. Layton Avenue

Greenfield, WI 53220



Gina Daroszewski   414-517-6180

Time:  There will be two shifts - 11 A.M. and 6 P.M. - Limit for shift is 16

Format: All Age Divisions for Scratch & Handicap: 

               Singles - Men and Women,  August 10

               Doubles - Men and Women, August 11

               Mixed Doubles -  August 12

Fees:  $10 per Athlete per event (Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles)

             Balls and shoes will be available at no cost

Medal Presentations: Following the last game on August 12th


If you need a partner or wish to bowl with a group, please contact the WSO office

  *You must  specify your event and if you are bowling scratch or handicapped for that event

Bowlers use their highest previous seasons’ average, based on a minimum of 21 games

Bowlers without an established average:  Men - 170 Women - 140

Handicap will be based on 100% of 200. 

Bowlers will bowl three (3) games in each event. 

Singles limited to one time participation in scratch and/or handicap.  Doubles and Mixed Doubles may be bowled with as many different partners as you wish. 

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU INTEND TO PLAY DOUBLES, YOU MUST REGISTER FOR DOUBLES AHEAD OF TIME WITH A DESIGNATED PARTNER.  If you are registering online, make sure you have the correct spelling of your partner's name, and their correct email address.

When inviting a partner, first search for their name and email.  If not found, click "invite partner" and then click "Invite" one more time.  

Registration closes July 27th No late registrations accepted