Shuffleboard Heads to Janesville Riverside Park

14 June 2021

Shuffleboard Heads to Janesville  Riverside Park


Each year, we enjoy seeing what is new for the games. This year, the WSO needed to find a new venue for Shuffleboard. WSO Board Member Bill Smith chanced upon meeting Mary Frei, of the Friends of Riverside Park after learning the park offered shuffleboard outside along peaceful Rock River.


Shuffleboard Details

Wednesday, August 18, 2021, 10:30 am

Riverside Park - 2600 Parkside Drive, Janesville

Format: All Age Divisions for Men and Women:

                 Singles - Men and Women

                 Doubles - (May be mixed gender)

                 Partners may be selected the day of the event

Must sign up for both singles and doubles if you wish to participate in both.

Background of the Venue

Mary’s thrilled to have the WSO Shuffleboard event at Riverside Park, where she grew up as a little girl. Today, she and the group help maintain the park and have invested significant time, energy and resources into the Shuffleboard venue. They have a fully stocked equipment locker at their concession stand where people can borrow the shuffleboard poles and pucks. The park also offers tennis, Pickleball and horseshoes among other quite a few other activities. 









The courts were built in 1934. Mary shows off a donated set of antique shuffleboard discs that may be from that same time period. How amazing to see how far back the sport goes!

Have you checked out your local park system to see what activities are being offered? If not, get active today and see what you might be missing in your area parks! It could be the opportunity to meet new people, practice your game and improve your overall well-being!


Our courts were built in 1934 so the wooden disc's have to be 1930s or 40s

The Friends of Riverside Park - Mission Statement

Friends of Riverside Park’s Mission is to revitalize, preserve and promote Janesville’s historic Riverside Park. Their goals are to revitalize the park through infrastructure improvements while preserving and promoting the historic value and natural beauty; enabling it once agin to be used to its full potential.

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