Breaking Records in His 90s

30 April 2019

Breaking Records in His 90s

Humana Hero of the Month - Bill Wambach

Earlier this month, Bill Wambach was inducted into the Wisconsin Senior Olympics Hall of Fame for his achievements in Track & Field. Bill has been featured in a documentary called “Mary & Bill” which is available to view at

Bill Wambach is a 93-year-old track and field superstar. He got his start in the sport in 1939 when he won his first medal at a half-mile race in West Allis.  After graduating from high school, Bill joined the Naval Aviation as a cadet. After he returned from World War II, Bill was a high jumper for Marquette University in the 1940s. 

Then, life and a career took Bill away from his sport for the next forty years. He married Lorette, and they had eight children. 

Bill got involved in Master’s Track in his 50s when he learned the high jump record for the 50-59 age group was four feet and three and a quarter inches high. He figured he had a chance, because he’d been able to high jump six feet two inches high in college. 

He began competing in the Wisconsin Senior Olympics in 1991 and has set nine records overall. He is the current record holder in Men’s 80-84 Long Jump (2005), 85-89 High Jump (2010), 90-94 High Jump (2016), Long Jump (2015) and Triple Jump (2017).

Bill has competed in seven National Senior Games, winning seven medals along the way. He set an NSGA national record in 2007 in the high jump. As a participant in the Master’s Track and Field event, he set a national record in the High Jump in 2006 at the age of 80 and was named Athlete of the Year.

His grandchildren say there is not a morning where he is not working out! He and his wife agree that their whole family help keep them young! They have 15 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren!

Some of the information for this article and the photos of young Bill were obtained from the website: We encourage you to watch the movie and support its distribution with a $5 purchase of the film. 


Bill with his family at the 2019 Hall of Fame Dinner Celebration.


Editor's Note: We were thrilled to see Bill at the Hall of Fame Dinner as he had just recovered from a bout of pnuemonia. However, we have learned Bill is now facing his final challenge with a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer. Please join us in keeping Bill and his entire family in your thoughts and prayers.

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