From the desk of Yvonne Lewandowski, Executive Director:

Spring is Here! 


Welcome Spring and Welcome Outside Exercise!

It is great to be active outside again - running, walking, or even doing a bit of spring clean-up in the yard feels good.

The past couple of months have been a challenge; the cold and snow made it hard to get out regularly and exercise, at least it was for me - I am a fair-weather runner.

How have you been with your recommitment to your health?

Mine was a crazy rollercoaster - I started the year out great by staying away from over-snacking. I started a low-impact workout routine and stuck with it for...six weeks - then I lost interest in it.

I took a week or two off and re-thought what I wanted to accomplish with my health goals. Did I want to lose weight? Did I want to eat better? Did I even want to cut down my coffee intake - note I said cut down, not cut out.

In the end, I determined that I simply wanted to feel good. I wasn't sure what that exactly meant or how I would get there, but I decided that feeling good was my goal. Unlike other goals I had set for myself in the past, I had no idea how I would accomplish this one - how would I measure my success? Getting on a scale won't weigh in on my happiness, and even fitting into my favorite pair of jeans didn't mean I was going to be happy...

After going back and watching some of the videos WSO has on their YouTube channel and re-declaring my goal, I came up with measurable milestones to keep me on track to my new fitness goal of happiness.

While happiness can not be weighed or measured, keeping a positive attitude and moving forward in my other fitness goals is the force behind it!

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WSO Operations

The WSO operates strictly on the financial support of our Athletes, Donors and Sponsors.  We do not receive any federal, county or city funding.  For the past 40 years, you have helped build the WSO to what it is today.  Your support helps us reach more athletes, provide affordable registration fees, and makes a positive impact on adults, encouraging them to stay motivated and committed to living a healthy and active life.

Your financial help is always welcome.  Last season we provided eight scholarships to individuals who may have not otherwise been able to participate in the 2019 events.  There are may non-profits you may choose to donate to, and we are humbled you choose to support the WSO!