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2017 Inductees - David Hoffman, Richard Naslund, James Reiher and Edith Schultz

Dave Hoffman

Both an athlete and volunteer, David Hoffman, 82, believes in the  power of competition as a motivator for people to keep active.

Hoffman has run in nine 5Ks and took first place in all competitions. In Track and Field, Hoffman won gold in the 200 meter once and the 400 meter three times and the 1500 five times. He currently holds the following records:

· 2009 5K—26.10 minutes (Men’s 75-79)

· 2014 5K—29.19 (Men’s 80-84)

· 2014 1500 meter—5.53 seconds (Men’s 80-84)

Dave joined the WSO Board in 2008 as the representative of the Milwaukee County of Aging by Stephanie Stein. He has served on most Board committees and is currently the Vice President. He also is the Event Coordinator of the 5K race since 2013 and introduced the 5K Walk and is the inspiration behind “The Olympian,” the WSO’s first very own 5K and event for people of all ages.


Dick Naslund

Richard “Dick” Naslund, 92,  has always participated in competitive and recreational sports. Before entering service and after service, Dick played football at UW-Oshkosh. He pitched for the Villanova University baseball team for two years and played some semi-pro ball in his  younger years.

He discovered the Wisconsin Senior Olympics in 2002 and  hasn’t missed its annual games, or the National Senior Games, since he began. Naslund has earned five medals in national competition and many in the WSO games. He has been a model of sportsmanship in a variety of sports, including tennis, softball, basketball, track and field and pickleball. But that isn’t what motivates him. He has been a tireless recruiter who inspires others to try new sports, and to not let age hold them back.

In 2016, National Senior Games Association’s Awards Committee  selected Dick as the Inaugural Male Athlete of the Year—one of the highest honors an athlete can achieve.


James Reiher

James Reiher, 72 of Delafield is a multi-year champion in both triathlon and cycling. Spanning more than a decade, he has competed in  25 triathlons while a WSO member. From 2004-2015, he was a National Senior Games qualifier. He completed triathlons at the national level in 2007, 2009 and 2015. In addition, he has volunteered at the National Senior Games and has supported the WSO for many years.

His Cycling history is impressive as well, having  competed in time trials, road races, duathlons and Race Across America. As a participant in WSO from 2004-2015, he was a National Senior Games qualifier and competed in the national games in 2007 and 2009.


Edith Schultz

A World War II refugee and Russian prisoner of war camp survivor, Edith Schultz came to America in 1948. Her journey with the Wisconsin Senior Olympics began 10 years ago.

Schultz competes in Swimming and has won 29 Gold medals in breast stroke, sidestroke and backstroke. While an accomplishment on its own, what makes Edith extraordinary is that she is 93 years old.

In the Swimming Novice category which Edith competes, the WSO does not track records. However, Edith holds them all, being the only female to compete in the 90-95 age group.

With a commitment to practicing on a weekly basis, Edith has set an amazing example of what one can accomplish with dedication and hard work. She has encouraged others to join her in the swimming competition over the years at her senior living community, Cedar Campuses in West Bend.


Our 2016 Inductees - Margaret Kaufman & Cy Swiecichowski

Margaret Kaufman

Having competed in the Wisconsin Senior Olympics for over ten years, Margaret Kaufman has left her mark in our Track & Field record books. She continues to hold the following records:

  • W60-64 200 Meter Dash – 36.40 seconds (set in 2006)
  • W65-69 100 Meter Dash – 17.14 seconds (set in 2008)
  • W65-69 200 Meter Dash – 36.99 seconds (set in 2009)
  • W65-69 Long Jump - 3.11 meters (2009)

She competed in the WSO from 2005 through 2009 and 2012 and 2013, winning medals in each of her events. Congratulations Margaret on your achievements!


Cy Swiecichowski

In the past 14 years, Cy Swiecichowski has been a competitor in the Wisconsin Senior Olympics in Lawn Bowling, Shuffleboard, Basketball (3-3 and Free Throw), Horseshoes and Softball.

In addition, he also coaches softball teams who compete in the WSO and had three of his teams competing in the 2015 National Senior Games in Minneapolis. His combined teams had over 51 players at the games. He also had a team at the 2013 National Senior Games in Cleveland, Ohio – they won second place there. Since 2006, his softball teams playing in the WSO have won nine championships and two second place medals.

His own WSO achievements include winning six gold medals and a silver medal in Horseshoes. 

Our 2015 Inductees - Carl Tyggum & Paula Larsen


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John Cemirys

Lois Gilmore

Wayne Gilmore



John White



Donald H. Schambow

Myrtle E. Tetting



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Gerald Heck

Emil Heins

Bill Jankovich



Harold Oswald*

Phyllis Waters



Mary Blandino

Charles Schalla

Jim Jafferis



Don Burns*

Thomas Gaszak

Fred Lindner *

Betty Lorenzi



Howard Boese

Richard Brodie

Donald Hoeppner

Guadalupe Simons

Mel Wade*




Fred Bermke

Mary Byers

Emery Dodge

John Lynch



Frank Giaimo

Orlando Palesse

Carol Peebles

Mary Janice Younger *



Gordon Bush

Alfred Dubois

Lloyd Roe



W. Morgan Byers

Doris Klitzke

Tom Leidel

Alex MacGillis

Agnes Reinhard

Leonard Ringle*

George Schlinder



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